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It’s been a busy week in federal health policy, and the Biden administration’s departure from the healthcare-related priorities of its predecessor’s is increasingly noticeable. Just today, the CDC — which was founded in 1946 to combat malaria in the South — declared racism to be a public health crisis.

In this edition, you will read about #24.1. HHS revoking Michigan and Wisconsin’s Medicaid work requirements, #24.2. Cuomo’s repeal of care facilities’ liability protections, #24.3. a hike of funding for HHS in Biden’s budget, #24.4. COVID-19…

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After President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion bill into law two weeks ago, analysts across the political spectrum warned about the risk of inflation. But the Administration is powering through: the White House is now working on a $3 trillion bill that would fund infrastructure, as well as a number of other policy priorities including healthcare. Details should become available shortly.

In this edition, you will read about #23.1. AstraZeneca’s emotional rollercoaster, #23.2. confirmations for HHS Sec and Surgeon General, #23.3. the extension of Obamacare enrollment, #23.4. Uber delivering drugs, and #23.5. Quarantine-15.

In this edition of A Healthy Dose…

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Last week, I flagged Amazon’s quiet expansion to 21 states (AHDoHN #21.9.). This week, the news of Amazon’s announcement to that effect made headlines. This could disrupt the way healthcare is delivered, especially since Amazon plans on expanding to all 50 states starting this summer.

In this edition, you will read about #22.1. Amazon Care’s expansion, #22.2. HHS Secretary confirmed, #22.3. the US shipping vaccines to Mexico and Canada, #22. 4. a big telehealth merger, #22.5. non-MDs administering the vaccine, and #22. 6. health startup owners’ indictment on fraud charges.

#22.1. TECH: Amazon will expand its Amazon Care on-demand healthcare offering US-wide this summer (Tech Crunch)

Amazon Care includes both virtual, on-demand services (text and video…

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Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the WHO’s global pandemic declaration. For the occasion, President Biden gave his first primetime address since moving into the White House. According to Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, it’s also been three years since diplomats first warned about the research on bat coronaviruses conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. On this happy note…

In this edition, you will read about #21.1. the healthcare items in the COVID relief bill, #21.2. Biden’s timeline for adult vaccination, #21.3. new COVID risk profile data from the CDC, #21.4. Alaska’s new vaccine prioritization plan, #21.5. Texas’s vindication…

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State legislative sessions are in full swing, and yet all eyes are fixed on the U.S. Capitol as the House COVID-19 Relief Bill passed the House with the exclusive support of Democrats and, with a few amendments, is likely to be passed by the Senate in the coming days.

In this edition, you will read about #20.1. the J&J vaccine, #20.2. the COVID-19 relief bill’s impact on healthcare, #20.3. a halt in the WHO investigation, #20.4. a public option bill in Colorado, #20.5. obesity and COVID-19 mortality, #20.6. the latest on Becerra, #20.7. Amazon and hospitals promoting home health, and…

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Last week, I mentioned a story about a potentially astonishing number of health records having been breached in 2020. The number seems to come from a single source that may or may not be correct, and since few outlets have reported the findings in the past week, I’m going to table this until we get more clarity on the situation.

In this edition, you will read about #19.1. a $1.9 trillion package full of healthcare subsidies, #19.2. a public option bill to establish nationalized healthcare, #19.3. normal freezer temperatures for the Pfizer vaccine, #19.4. Walmart healthcare clinics’ slowdown, and #19.5…

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Cybersecurity threats became a salient issue in the healthcare industry toward the end of 2020. I’m reading that in January alone, almost one million patient records were breached, and another report says that as many as 21 million medical health records were hacked in the second half of 2020. All these figures are found behind paywalls, so I didn’t include the story in this edition. I hope to find out more and will report back.

In this edition, you will read about #18.1. new data on nursing home deaths in New York, #18.2. the WHO’s investigation in Wuhan, #18.3. healthcare…

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Aside from a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package going around Congress, this week’s healthcare news stories were somewhat less exciting than they have been in recent times — no complaints! No news is good news. Several confirmation hearings were held for key healthcare positions, so that should be coming down the pike shortly.

In this edition, you will read about #17.1. McKinsey’s huge opioid crisis-related settlement, #17.2. the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine, #17.3. a new CEO at Merck, #17.4. the AHA complaining to the FTC, and #17.5. a slow vaccine rollout in Europe.

#17.1. OPIOID CRISIS: McKinsey to pay…

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A flood of executive orders (some with a connection to healthcare) and the GameStop frenzy stole the headlines this week, yet there has been much movement with regard to healthcare.

In this edition, you will read about #16.1. a decade of misuse of federal funds meant for vaccine development, #16.2. states moving forward with drug importation plans, #16.3. a special enrollment period, #16.4. a nurse as our nation’s doctor, and #16.5. an eight-figure healthcare fraud scheme in Florida.

#16.1. WHAT THE HEALTH: Vaccine research funding misused for decade, says special counsel office (The Hill)

“Millions of dollars that Congress appropriated…

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The new President was sworn in on Wednesday, which warrants a special edition of A Healthy Dose of Healthcare News focused on the new administration’s top healthcare people and policy priorities.

In this special edition, you will read about nominations to key federal health roles, President Biden’s first executives orders on healthcare, goals for health policy moving forward, and of course a healthy dose of healthcare headlines.

Nominees for health agencies

All will undergo the Senate confirmation process.

  • HHS Secretary: Xavier Becerra. The lawyer, who does not have a healthcare background, is currently Attorney General of California. He has sued the Trump administration over…

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